Driving Force Of Home-Based Business-A Search For The Primary Aim Of Starting A Business

What is your primary aim for starting a home based business? Identifying it exposes your driving force which will determine your success in business. It is that which, more than anything else, gives you a sense of direction and purpose, motivates you to your highest levels of energy, and sustains you over the long haul. This article gives the need to discover your innermost reason for starting a business.

What gets you out of bed and makes you work all day? There are numerous possible answers. It could be financial or personal freedom, status, power, competition, possessions and celebrity, influence, getting ahead, recognition, security and success, happiness, fulfilment or your children’s future. The list can go on and on. Understanding your driving force gives you the ability to actively shape your life rather than passively accept whatever joy and whatever pain happens to come your way.

Many people worked towards success, attained it only to discover they are still unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Yet, there are others who, whether successful in the conventional sense or not, experience deep satisfaction and fulfilment. The difference being that the latter built his business with the primary aim on focus. Your driving force should lead you on how to choose a home based business.

Your primary aim is centred round your core values, beliefs, and desires. Look inwards; check your emotions and feelings to discover what it is that propelled or are propelling you into starting a home based business. It is the force that will spur you on to stellar results, wise decisions and strong business relationships. It is a driving force that, when harnessed in your work life will make you more skilful and efficient and let you enjoy work more.

Furthermore, your primary aim is the source of the vitality, the commitment, the vision you need to get the most out of your life and to create a remarkable business in the process. It drives you to take steps to enjoy and maintain personal freedom.

Building home based business without the primary force is the reason why many people quit before achieving their goals. A search for your primary aim for business is the first step to how to keep on going with your online home-based business when you feel like giving up.

I encourage you to stop working now, first discover your driving force and continue from there today. Acting immediately will crown your effort with satisfaction and fulfilment.

Hey, how can your driving force help your business?

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The Serekunda Market

Hi. Have you been to Serekunda Market? My friend Ndidi, (http://ndidingwuluka.com) has an interesting description of the market and I thought to share it with you.

Here is her story as she wrote it:

As we drove towards Serekunda Market in The Gambia, I was not sure what to expect as it was my first time in the market. There was the challenge of where to park the car; so my friend and I had to get down for the driver to find a place to park.

While we trekked towards the market, I saw some traders by the roadside. One spread his second hand clothes on top of a car parked by the road. The car was very dirty and did not appear to have been moved in months (or years?). Another trader placed some apples in a carton and called out to customers, “Pom, 10, 10 Dalas.”

The market appeared not planned; for the goods were not sold in sections. Clothes were sold in the midst of meat, vegetables and palm oil.

Some of the traders could not do simple summation which gave me the impression that they could be cheated. My friend wanted to buy five litres of palm oil, so we approached a girl selling palm oil, who told us the price of one litre, but could not tell us the price of five litres. The woman beside her could not, the man she called to assist was also as handicapped as the other two and so we had to go elsewhere.

The air in the market was very stuff and had a pungent smell. I was certain it was not cigarette. On further enquiry, I was told that it was grass. When the traders were not attending to customers, a number of them were either smoking grass or drinking the Chinese tea, which they called ‘Ataya.’ So when you see a small charcoal stove with a kettle on it beside a trader in Serekunda Market, he is sure brewing Ataya.

As we moved around the market, I saw shops that had spices, cereals, legumes, tomato puree and some other food items packed in small transparent poly bags. I commented to my friend and she said, “Yes, food items are sold in ‘aliquots’ so the least person could buy.” The smallest pack of spagetti would only be enough for a child of a few months or may be a year and certainly not for an adult. Unless the adult intended to buy a pack each of spaghetti, rice, beans and spices to make a meal.

Practically everything sold in the market was imported apart from fish. The Gambia is known as the smiling coast and so you can imagine that there would be a lot of fish of varying sizes, shapes and colours. They were sold either fresh or smoked.

My friend made us go up and down the market looking for good bargains and when it was time to leave, we spent additional time looking for our way out to the road. I got to the car tired and sleepy but I was glad that I got to know a bit about the Gambians.

So, what do you think of the market? Is it a place you would love to visit?

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Article Writing- How To Write Quality And Compelling Article Title For Higher Level Of Traffic

Article writing is one of the internet marketing strategies that will build up your network marketing business. It will expose you and attract massive traffic to your website. But for you to realise this traffic, your article title should be able to grab the interest of the readers, compel them to read through the article body to the resource box where you have given your website address. This article answers the question on how to write such quality title.

How to write quality article titles

1. Narrow the focus

Your title should be specific, to the point and completely deliverable. It should not promise what the article body content cannot deliver. For you to generate the mlm (multi -level marketing) leads and traffic you desire, readers need to be satisfied with the article content after reading your article title

2. No advertisement

Your title should never be a sales pitch for your website, product, company or even you. Article writing should answer readers’ questions and provide solutions to their problems. Your ability to deliver the information on your topic will sell you to the reader. Save the advertisement for the resource box.

3. Title length

A good article title length is greater than 70 characters but less than 100 characters. A title just a little longer often draws more traffic than short titles. This is because short titles may not give enough reason for the person to read the article.

4. Use of keywords

Article titles need to be search engine friendly and keyword wired or nobody will ever see them, no matter how compelling it may be. Use a keyword tool such as GoodKeywords, Google Suggest, or Wordtracker to help identify keywords for your article titles.

5. Start with article subject

The first 3 words of your article title should introduce the topic of the article. This is good for SEO (search engine optimization). Avoid starting with ‘junk words’ or conjunctions, such as “a” or “the since they are not search engine friendly.

Make your title to be compelling and let it build interest or motivation. Let it entice your readers to ask questions which the article body content should answer. “How to” article writing will always generate mlm leads and traffic which is one of the benefits of article writing for online home-based business. This is because people are looking for answers to common problems facing them.

So, write a quality and compelling article today!

Do your article titles contribute to the traffic driven to your website? Please share.

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WorldVentures – Dream Trips At Amazing Prices

Hi there.

Today I want to give you a few look into WorldVentures dream trips and prices. It is amazingly low compared to many other offers you can get elsewhere.

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Your cruise departs from Barcelona, Spain, a city filled with history, culture, and variety. Then you’re off to see the sights of Casablanca and Agadir, Morocco, where you can take a desert excursion to a relaxed beach town or to the scenic mountain ranges. Your next stop is the Canary Islands. Here you’ll find breathtaking beaches, beautiful weather, and remarkable volcanic landscapes. You’ll head next to Madeira, a Portuguese island, and one of the most beautiful and colorful islands you’ve even seen. Malaga, Spain is your last stop before returning to Barcelona. In Malaga, you can see palaces, military fortresses built by the Moors, and Picasso’s childhood home.

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How To Build Personal Brand Online Using Social media Sites

Name branding is one of the reasons for using social media to grow your business. Networking is so vital and important to business in general that using media sites cannot be considered as a waste of time for personal, corporate or consumer branding. This article shows you how to build personal brand using social networking sites.

How to build personal brand Online

  • Connect your web presence

Your brand, messaging and social presence should be connected and consistent. Ensure that you have a consistent, branded presence throughout all your media sites so that when users come to your page to interact, they will understand that they are interacting with the true presence.

  • Brand with Facebook fan page and have contests

In order to get more people in your Facebook group, hold contests. In personal branding, your assets are yourself. If you want to build a little readership around your personal blog or you want to get people to engage with you even more, give away a 2-hour strategy session for the contest.

The person who would enter into that kind of contest is somebody who would want to speak with you on the topic that you are an expert in. Use a different service such as Skype and lend your own time and efforts to helping that person if he wants it.

  • Engage with Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to engage, care and listen. Engage with people and let them know that you are using this service and you are listening, and you actually care. Utilize platforms like Search.Twitter.Com to find out what people are saying and add value to them.

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