Hostgator Review

If you are an internet marketer, then you know that it is very important to host your sites with a great web hosting company. And if you are a newbie (newcomer to internet marketing), then it becomes very vital to host your site with a web host that will give you fewer or no hassles at all. One host I highly recommend is Hostgator. Hostgator hosting services are extremely reliable and their customer support is awesome. In this review I’m going to share with you why Hostgator has become number one web host, not just on my list but also with most internet marketers.

What is great about Hostgator hosting services

Hostgator offers all the standard hosting services that other hosting companies does, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting services. Now what makes Hostgator to stand out?


I started my first website with one web hosting company but when I encountered a problem with my site, they did not respond immediately and when they did, they did not address the problem with the site. My sister now recommended Hostgator to me. When I switched over to hostgator, not only did they transfer my site for free, they fixed the problem immediately. This was before the initial company responded to my email!

Other key points of Hostgator’s success

Hostgator gives a 45 day money back guarantee and boasts of 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is rare with many hosting companies. But Hostgator has managed to maintain their advertised uptime. Since I started hosting my sites with them I have never experienced any downtime.

Hostgator offers unlimited domain hosting, unlimited bandwidth and disk storage. That means you can host all your websites in just a single web hosting with Hostgator. Isn’t this awesome!

You also get unlimited MySQL database with Hostgator unlike other hosting companies that will only allow you to have certain number of MySQL database.

Hostgator’s control panel is CPanel. CPanel is very easy to use. And the speed is good. You can easily add new domains, setup email address and third party software like wordpress via Fantastico. Furthermore, you can easily upload any new file; Hostgator has the latest version of PHP so everything works fine.

Hostgator Support

Hostgator support is phenomenon! They actually answer their phones, reply to their emails, and respond to live chat requests. They offer 24/7 web hosting support and they are very fast. I’ve contacted Hostgator on a number of issues and I’ve always come away very happy and impressed with their support people. They are very friendly and patient. On two occasions they had to go out of their way to help me sort out some issues with my site.

Hostgator drawbacks

Hostgator is a little expensive compared to most web hosting companies (about $1/ mo extra compared to the average). However, the cost is reasonable considering the quality of web hosting and customer support you get for such a price.


Hostgator is highly recommended by internet marketers. It’s fast, very reliable and offers fantastic support and if you are a beginner, that’s what you really need. Looking for a web host? Try Hostgator

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