10 Reasons To Use The Leverage Of Internet

“If you want to become rich, you need to work less and earn more. In order to do that, you employ some form of leverage” says Robert Kyiosaki’s rich dad. One form of leverage that MUST NOT be ignored in our time is the internet. Any home based business that wants, not only to survive but also prosper should engage the use of this tool

It is barely five months since I employed this wonderful tool and I have gained a lot. Before then, I use to chase my friends and relations around to join my networking business. It got to a point where they were running away from me. Some were not responding to my calls or emails. I even got embarrassed and wanted to quit the home based business. Then, I searched the internet…

The word leverage, in a broad definition, simply means the ability to do more with less. In such a competitive world, one needs tools that will require little input but accomplish a lot.  The following are the reasons why I recommend Internet for your home business:

1. Access to a worldwide audience-More than 1.9 billion people use the internet (June 30, 2010. http://www.internetworldststats.com). Your business cannot afford to ignore such number of users!

2. Gain an edge over traditional business experts-Business is all about people and sales. A new business owner with little knowledge of what the business entails but has internet presence will sell more than the traditional guru, who knows it all but has access to fewer people.

3. Build a brand name-This leverage enables you to brand your name or business name. People get to know you and what your business offers. Trust is built and some of them eventually convert to customers.

4. To network-Home based business is all about connections with other people. Internet helps you to connect with people within your niche, giving you access to current waves in the industry. Also, you are able to promote your business and services through the social network to larger targeted audience.

5. Provide 24-7 hour service-Web pages serve both the clients/customers and potential clients/customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without a physical presence. (Even when you are on holidays!) It can customize information to match needs and collect important information that will put you ahead of the competition before they get into the office.

6. Easy and quick access to your customers-The leverage of internet makes it possible to reach your customers faster, through the use of emails, websites, etc. They have access to all information they need concerning your product. Furthermore, new updates are easily communicated back to them.

7. Cost and time efficiency-The cost and time of running your business is reduced with the use of internet. For instance, the cost and time of reaching one person can be used for millions. Also, the cost and time of answering frequently asked questions are reduced when the answers are posted on the web pages.

8. To reach targeted audience-There is no need for trial and error on who to sell your product or service. Since the web has several good search engines, people who want what your business offers will be able to find you.

9. To avoid losing your friends and relations-No goose chase anymore! Your friends and relations won’t be afraid to relate with you since you won’t be bugging them with your business.

10. More sales, more money-This leverage with 1.9 billion internet users affords you more leads, more sales and certainly more money.

In conclusion, using this leverage is ideal for your home based network marketing business in this world of heavy competition. Take massive action today and engage this incredible tool and be on your way to a most successful business. What other reasons do you have for using internet for your home business?

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