About Ngozi

Hi there, my name is Ngozi Nwoke and I am a business and marketing coach. On this blog you will find helpful information, tips and tricks on how to succeed in your business and to be a top marketer. I have a passion to succeed in life and that’s what I want YOU to have too.

About me

I was born in Enugu State, Nigeria. I graduated from University of Nigeria, Nsukka with a B.Sc degree in Chemistry. I got married to a Pastor, also an Architect. We both presently reside in Botswana.

I worked as an administrator for 4 years in Nigeria and when we relocated to Botswana, it was difficult getting a job. I started selling books with a turnover that was not much, though I thank God for the little gain. But it was not meeting my basic needs.  It was not a palatable idea to totally depend on what my husband was getting and waking up every morning wondering what else to do to supplement the book sales

Then, a friend introduced me to a network marketing business with sanitary towels as the product. I thought my problems were over. I talked to many people, attended the meetings but I only recruited 2 passive members in 6 months. I got tired and quit the business and jumped into another network marketing business, this time in travel industry. All my friends started avoiding me because I only talked about network marketing that they didn’t want to join. But this time I decided I would succeed in this one, yet I did not know how!

My desperation led me to the internet. One day I stumbled into Magnetic Sponsoring course authored by Mike Dillard. His teachings transformed my idea of network marketing. It was about attraction marketing- marketing you to attract targeted people, being the hunted and not the hunter. This exploded my mind! I plunged into the teachings and followed the step by step tutorials provided and in a short period I made a sale! No more running after friends and family members.

Now, if you are new to business and marketing like I was, I have a desire to share with you what I have learnt so that you will be successful too. So, if you subscribe to this blog and follow my posts, you will learn a lot that will boost your business and marketing. Please, feel free to leave comments and let us bond together.

Your friend,

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