• Understanding the Power of Names

Understanding the Power of Names

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  • Mrs Naume Mawoyo
    Director of Shining Victory

    Mrs Ngozi Nwoke, in this powerful and life -changing book, reveals how names can impact your life and destiny. If you've been wondering why you sometimes struggle to be victorious and successful as a believer, this book 'UNDERSTANDING THE POWER OF NAMES' is the next best thing to have as your personal friend. It is packed with information on how names can impact your destiny and this book can give you the real-life knowledge you need. Read this book and watch your life turn around.

  • Mandu Mokgware
    Managing Director
    Faith Mining Solutions

    The book is a must read. The revelation about names took me to another level and I now understand the importance of naming our days. I never used to take it seriously.

Understanding the Power of Names

NGOZI NWOKE is a teacher, counsellor, author of Peace Money Can't Buy, The Man Jesus: What You Need to Know About Christ and two other books; the founder of stepswithgod.com, a website that teaches on how to walk with God, enjoy His love and all that He has to offer. She aspires to please God and counsels people to do likewise. She lives in Nigeria with her husband and son.