AboutNgozi Nwoke

Ngozi Ifeoma Nwoke is a product and distributor of love. She has a passion to communicate the love of God and the great things she is learning from Him to the people. She hopes that by sharing with them, they can learn how to enjoy God's best and succeed in life. Writing is one of her channels for achieving this.

Many years back, she started a blog on business marketing. Though she was getting traffic back to her blog, the writing was stressful. Writing about business marketing was not her passion. Many times she went blank and could not write. One day, she sensed in her heart she should write what she has been sharing with people on a one-on-one basis. The thought delighted her and topics began to flood her mind. Since then, she has never lacked what to share with her readers.

Her books emerged from the desire to share with people in details pertaining to certain topics. This gives the reader the opportunity to get a deeper knowledge of the topics in one book instead of in various posts over weeks or months. Her books communicate her heart for God and her desire for people to yearn for Him likewise. She lives in Nigeria with her husband and son.


To guide Christians into God's presence through speaking and writing.


To be a vessel through which God encourages His people to have a closer walk with Him.


To teach Christians through writing and speaking on practical steps to have intimate relationship with God and enjoy success in life.