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5 Great Enemies of Success to Avoid If You Want to Succeed In Home Based Business

October 26, 2010

Tweet Do you have a dream to succeed in your home based business? You can realise your dream if you avoid the enemies of success on the way. As Henry David Thoreau said “men are born to succeed, not fail” and that includes you. So the enemies of success to avoid include: 1.       Self limitation […]

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Blogging Tips- 7 Tips On How To Increase Your Blog Readers And Comments.

October 19, 2010

Tweet Do you have a blog with few or no readers? Are your blog posts without comments? Posting rich content regularly and not having people coming to read them can be very discouraging. The beauty of having a working blog is expressed in its ability to draw active readers and comments. Now, you can smile […]

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Blogging Tips – How To Increase Your Blog Ranking

October 12, 2010

Tweet Hi. Sometime ago, I came across a great blog post from Mavis Nong  ( and I think it is important to share it with you if you want to market your blog and increase your blog ranking. So in her own words I give you this post. Enjoy it and take steps to follow […]

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Blog Marketing -10 Effective ways to Market Your Blog

October 5, 2010

Tweet Do you have a blog with rich content but no or small number of readers? Having a blog with no one reading it can be very discouraging and disheartening. It is not enough to have a beautiful, well written blog; there is need for you to market it to attract readers and ultimately buyers […]

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7 Business Tips for Making a Workable Business Plan

September 28, 2010

Tweet There is no successful small business without a plan on ground. Your business plan determines the scope of work you have to deal with; prepares you for what lies ahead and helps you to avoid waste of time, energy and resources. Below are business tips on how to make a workable plan for your […]

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