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Do you have a blog with rich content but no or small number of readers? Having a blog with no one reading it can be very discouraging and disheartening. It is not enough to have a beautiful, well written blog; there is need for you to market it to attract readers and ultimately buyers if you have stuff to sell on your blog. If you need a change today, I present to you 10 simple but effective ways to market your blog.

In-house blog marketing

1. Enable SEO: SEO helps you to bring in real visitors from search engines. Make it possible for search engines to find your blog.

  • Have your own domain name,
  • create keyword rich titles
  • Highlight the important points in your article.
  • Use lists or bullets to convey your points
  • Use multimedia content like images, videos.
  • Link to your related posts.
  • create unique title tags
  • Enable permalinks and trackback

2. Update your content: Create rich contents frequently, 2-5 times a week.  Posting quality information regularly will market your blog to new readers. Also, your readers and visitors will know how often to check your blog for a new post. If you your blog is not updated regularly you will lose your readers. Nobody wants to read a blog that is not updated

3. Interact with your commenter: Respond to the comments on your blog as much as possible. No one wants to have a conversation alone, let them know you appreciate them; otherwise you may not be getting many more. Also follow up some posters with emails, connect with them and build a relationship that will benefit you now or in future. Read also 7 basic blogging tips you cannot afford to ignore if you want to promote your blog post

Outside blog marketing

4. Article marketing: Write article and submit to article directories like Ezinearticles, Articlebase, etc, and link back to your blog on the bio profile. Your article might be picked from there and that will be additional exposure for you.

5. Guest Posting: Offer free guest posts on popular blogs with high number of readers or subscribers on your topic. This will market your blog to wider audience and will also drive traffic back to your blog.

6. Participate in blog comments: Leave quality comments on other bloggers’ posts, especially larger blogs. You will get recognition both from the blogger and the blogging community and that will give you some traffic and exposure in return.

7. Participate in forums: Join some forums in your niche and actively participate in them. Interact with other users and help them where you can. This will brand you as an expert in your niche. Add your blog link in your signature and it will drive traffic to your blog

8.       Use social networking sites: Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are inviting and intriguing.  They are powerful communication tools. Learning how to use them wisely to market your blog will increase traffic to your blog. Share your blog posts with your network and encourage them to share your posts too. That is going viral!

9.       Submit to blog directories so that people can find you

10.   Use Bookmarking Sites like Digg, Stumble etc. to spread your articles. Encourage your network to promote your shared articles too. It drives a lot of quick traffic.

For someone new with blog marketing, it may seem like a lot of work with little or no immediate return, hang in there, and just know that marketing is something that you have to build. Following these ten simple ways to market your blog will get you on track and make you smile soon. But you need to be dedicated and consistent with these for you to enjoy the large number of readers you desire. 

Do you have any other effective way to share?

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