5 Great Enemies of Success to Avoid If You Want to Succeed In Home Based Business

Do you have a dream to succeed in your home based business? You can realise your dream if you avoid the enemies of success on the way. As Henry David Thoreau said “men are born to succeed, not fail” and that includes you.

So the enemies of success to avoid include:

1.       Self limitation

Self-limiting beliefs and habits can keep you from living up to your full potential and from succeeding in business. Many times people make self- limiting statements because of fear of failure. Do not allow fear to rob you of your dream. If others made it you can also. As my father would say, those gurus you see and admire do not have two heads. So, start seeing yourself as a success, keep saying it and soon you will be one.

2.       Ignorance

This is not an excuse for failure. There is so much information available for one to succeed in home based business. Search the internet, attend seminars, read books, etc and update yourself. You need to be aware of new trends in your niche. What was excellent before may not be good this time.

3.       Procrastination

Many people have great ideas and plans on how to prosper their business but they are yet to execute them. Delaying to do what MUST be done is simply delaying your success.  Get organised and manage your time properly. Allow your desire for success to overcome your desire to put things off. By all means, do not let procrastination waste your time and ultimately kill your dream.

4.       Get rich quick attitude

There is no business you start today and you are a millionaire the next day. Though there are many “get rich quick messages” out there, it is advised not to get caught by them.  They may give you temporal success but not a lasting one with integrity. You need patience and a lot of wisdom if you want your home business to prosper.

5.       Shortcuts

Human beings generally love shortcuts but they do not necessarily get you to your desired destination. Anything that does all the work for you will produce half-baked success. Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. You become an expert in your niche when you go through the processes. Yes, learn ways to do your business better and faster but ensure you are building yourself in the process.

Many times we are tempted to fall prey to these enemies. The work is becoming too demanding and you seem not to be cut out for it. I encourage you not to give in to the temptations. Allow your desire to succeed to overcome them. Soon you will reach your goals and succeed in your home based business. So avoid these enemies of success and get set to fulfil your dream. Do you know any other enemies of success in home business?

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